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Los Suenos Fishing Charters and Much More


Los Suenos resort is at the top of the Costa Rica big-game fishing experience and has long been known as one top sportfishing destinations on the planet. Los Suenos fishing charters offer the opportunity to hook into one of the three tops of the food chain big game fish; the blue marlin, black marlin and striped marlin. Further as well as enormous numbers marlin there record numbers of big Pacific sailfish available. The Grand Slam of sportfishing is catching and releasing the big three (Marlin) species of billfish in a single day, and Costa Rica is one of the very few places on the globe where this is done!

Inshore fishing charters from Los Suenos offer a full gambit of species to go after, such as grouper, red snapper, and the famous roosterfish. While inshore fishing is not as popular as deep sea fishing for big game, the inshore opportunities are some of the best in Costa Rica.

While sportfishing is one of the major tourists draws to Los Suenos fishing there is an incredible array of land activities as well. Spectacular pools, a world recognized professional golf course, casino, tennis courts, a fully equipped training center, and a luxury spa, providing the opportunity to the luxury lifestyle Los Suenos is famous for.

The resort has unique energy and flavor all to its own. Its spectacular condo lifestyle offers excellent residential lifestyle as well a great place to stay on vacation. The rich culture, and rainforest reserve environment is a perfect setting for adventure both on land and sea, and has the ambiance for a romantic getaway.

The Ted Robinson 18-hole championship golf course weaves its way through a lush tropical rainforest and is back-dropped by the pristine blue waters of Pacific Ocean. You might have to wait to play through while a slow-moving three-toed sloth works his way across the fare and may have to take a hit on scorecard if one of the monkeys grabs steal your ball, but that’s golf in the jungle for you.

Exploring the rest of the Los Suenos resort you can try your luck at the casino, with a little blackjack, craps, slots or roulette. Or take advantage of rejuvenating spa treatment with a message enjoy the pool-side, or take a stroll along the beach.

One thing you can count on is being able to enjoy some of the most magnificent sunsets in the hemisphere over mind-blowing ocean views, from the beach or over a romantic dinner off the balcony of your private villa or from one of the fantastic restaurants available at Los Suenos.

Whether you are looking for Los Suenos fishing charters on your vacation or a non-fishing guest, you can find everything under the sun and the Los Suenos resort from zip-lining through the canopy, to catching the perfect wave with a surf lesson, to ripping it up in jungle on an ATV, to white water rafting on a mighty river or just taking eco-walks. There’s plenty to discover at Los Suenos!

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