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Drake Bay Sportfishing

Drake Bay is a very unique location on the Osa Peninsula. In fact I just received a phone call from a client I sent there a couple of weeks ago. Not only did he call but sent an email, thanking me, thanking me, and then called to thank me personally for insisting that he go fishing in Drake Bay.

In Drake Bay, you have a lot of options for lodging as well. From $50/night standard rooms to several hundred/night, depending on your budget, you can find very nice accommodations. In Drake Bay, you are away from any concrete, any city, you’re out in the jungle, in the wilderness. You also have Corcovado National Park if you want to spend the day taking in other wildlife. Fishing in Drake Bay, you do not have options for a ton of boats, but we know a few good boats with good captains who are excellent fishermen.

There is no doubt that you are going to have a good time. Inshore rooster fishing is outrageous (equal or maybe even better than Golfito). Drakes Bay is perfectly situated to fish around Cano Island and the Furuno Banks. Around the island is great for rooster fishing and snapper, while the banks are spectacular for billfish.

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